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ACI 2019 was a collaboration between Grove City College, Connecticut College and Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (CCA) – Roma.
The program, designed in two different sessions under the supervision of Dr. Roberto Nardi, involved 20 students, coming from several US Colleges, in theoretical lessons and lectures about the significance and risks of cultural heritage. The hands-on experience program was split in Lab work and Field work: In the CCA Lab, in Belmonte in Sabina, students were involved in the restoration/conservation of the frescoes fragments coming from a roman villa.
For the Field work days, the groups of students had the opportunity to work on two projects on two different roman villas: archaeological/conservative investigations of the Marco Simone roman villa , and ordinary maintenance of Cottanello roman villa.

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CCA Roma,
Grove City College, Pennsylvania, Randolph College, Virginia, Connecticut College,
20 students

May-July 2018, 2 x 145 hours

Conservation of roman frescoe fragments;
Ordinary maintenance, mosaic conservation, 

archaeological conservative investigations

on roman villas

CCA's Labs at the Convent of San Nicola, Belmonte in Sabina
 Cottanello roman villa
Marco Simone roman villa

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