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Archaeological Conservation Institute  2016 was a collaboration between Connecticut College, Grove City College, Pennsylvania, Randolph College, Virginia and Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (CCA) – Roma.  The course was attended by undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines from several colleges, including Connecticut College, Grove City College, Sweet Briar College, Randolph College, Chaffey College.
ACI 2016 was held under the direction of Roberto Nardi (CCA’s director) entirely in Sardinia, where the students worked on the conservation of the new finds of the Mont’e Prama Sculptures, thanks to the archaeological excavation campaign of the previous year.
The students under the supervision of the CCA conservators, were involved in the operations of analysis, classification and documentation, cleaning and consolidation of the new sandstone fragments, and on the reassembling of a Nuraghe Model.
They were involved in the maintenance of the Opus Sectile in the Archaeological Museum of Alghero, Sardinia.



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CCA Roma,
Grove City College, Pennsylvania, Randolph College, Virginia, Connecticut College
13 students

June 2015, 120 hours

Conservation/restoration of sandstone nuragic

Archaeological Museum of Cabras, Oristano

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