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After the big success of ACI 2013-2, the collaboration between the University of Delaware (UD), Delaware and Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (CCA) – Roma resulted in the ACI 2015-2, the second module of 2015 Archaeological Conservation Institute. The course was attended exclusively by undergraduate students from the Bachelor of Arts in Art Conservation at University of Delaware.
In the frame of the Archaeological museum of Cabras, Sardinia, 15 coursists had the unique opportunity to be part of the conservation project of The Mont'e Prama Statues, the oldest known statues from the western Mediterranean, dated to 6th century B.C. - 1st millennuim B.C..
The field work experience took place in the Museum of Cabras, Sardinia, where students worked on the digital archive of the Statues, on the analysis, classification and documentation of the new finds of the archaeological campagn, and on ordinary maintenance on the already displayed statues.




Ancora 1

CCA Roma,
Univeristy of Delaware,
15 students

June 2015, 120 hours

Conservation/restoration of sandstone nuragic sculptures

Archaeological Museum of Cabras, Oristano

Ancora 2
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